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You obviously want a carefree holiday, just like everyone else. Just make sure, that before you leave, you get short-term, or continuous travel insurance at one of the below listed reliable and cheap insurance companies. So if you, your family, your friends are planning a holiday to the snow or sun, feel free to compare these insurance companies in terms of coverage and price together, and get your insurance simple and fast.

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Cheap Travel Insurance

Cheap Travel Insurance

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Additional Cover – Please note that you usually have to take out additional coverage for some conditions, such as medical certainty, skiing or snowboarding, legal assistance, and motorist assistance. Also make sure you get cancellation insurance.

Annual Travel Insurance – Do you travel a lot over the year? The annual travel insurance is a must. In this case you are insured for every trip. It is also very easy, because you only have to book your holiday or trip and pack your bags and never have to worry about your insurance. Moreover, you are better and cheaper off, than having to get a separate insurance each time.

Coverage – Make sure that when you get insurance, to look carefully at the coverage area. In a short-term travel insurance you can usually opt in World Coverage, or just regional coverage

Standard Insurance – Most of the times you are insured for assistance (including extraordinary expenses and repatriation), luggage, damage to property, and money, with both your short-term as annual travel insurance.

Cheap Travel Insurance

Short-term Travel Insurance – Do you go on holiday only once a year? In this case the short-term insurance is the best choice for you and your family.

Other Insurances – If you are planning to work abroad, take an internship or study abroad. You can also take out special insurances at some of the above listed insurance companies. This also applies if you are traveling for business, plan to follow a language program or want to do volunteer work abroad.

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