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Venezuela is one of the most diverse countries in South America. Some of the mountains reach over 5,000 meters. The capital is both colonial and ultramodern. It has the highest waterfall in the world. The Orinoco Delta is extremely wild. The “Tepuis” (kind of Table Mountain) in the southeast is unique. The Amazon Indians in the South still live like thousands of years ago. Check out the travel agencies listed below and book your next holiday to Venezuela, easily and secure online.

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Airline Tickets – Check out the travel agencies listed above, or on our airline tickets page, where you will find cheap airline tickets to Caracas, Porlamar and other destinations in Venezuela.

Holiday Tours – In a holiday tour of Venezuela, a visit to the capital Caracas, the political and cultural center of the country, should not to be missed. This also applies to the university city of Mérida. The city is beautifully situated in a valley surrounded by the snowcapped peaks of the Andes, including Venezuela’s highest mountain, Pico Bolivar (5007 m). The surroundings of Merida are perfect for all kinds of exciting activities such as abseiling and paragliding. Mérida is the starting point of a beautiful hiking trip through the Andes.
With beautiful lagoons, mist and harsh environments, the tour of Venezuela will bring you down to sea level, to the marshes of Los Llanos, the fertile heart of Venezuela. Guests are greeted by a cacophony of bird and insect sounds. By boat and truck you can look for caimans, anacondas, colorful waterfowl and capybaras: the world’s largest rodent. You can also try your hand at catching a piranha.
The most beautiful buildings of Ciudad Bolivar are situated around the central square. The Plaza Bolivar, named after the man who from this place began his liberation wars against the Spaniards. You can stroll on the lively promenade overlooking the Orinoco River. You can take a trip from Ciudad Bolivar to the highest waterfall in the world, the Salto Angel. The water rushes over almost a kilometer down.
You can really enjoy a nice evening in Maturin on the veranda of the ‘hato’, a typical Venezuelan farmhouse with pool and cozy bar. You can take a nice horseback ride in the area. In the green Orinoco Delta, the Warao Indians live in stilt houses. During a boat trip you will discover the mangrove area and the people who live here. Hopefully you will spot some animals such as the howler monkey or the toucan.
Caripe is beautifully situated in the mountains. It is known for the Cueva Del Guacharo; A cave where some 16,000 guacharos or oil birds live. These animals fly with echolocation and are active after sunset.
The village Mochima is located near the National Park Mochima, consisting of many islands surrounded by white beaches and a clear azure sea. Here you can take a scenic boat ride to spot the many birds and hopefully dolphins swimming along with the boat. You can also explore this area under water when you go scuba diving or snorkeling.

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Beach Holiday Isla Margarita – Isla Margarita is a dream destination with tremendous beauty, with a multitude of natural treasures, with endless beaches, dense jungles, inscrutable Indian tribes and engagingly friendly locals. Life is cheerful and carefree … and above all, life’s sunny … 350 days a year! Did you know that Isla Margarita is by far the most popular holiday destination in the Caribbean? Why Margarita you might ask? For its beautiful beaches, beautiful nature, the many excursion possibilities and … because of the very low travel costs.

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